Singapore Botantic Gardens

​LOCATION: Holland Road and Napier Road (South), Cluny Road (East), Tyersall Avenue (West), Bukit Timah Road (North)

Singapore Botanic Gardens is one of Singapore’s most popular gardens. Spread over 74 hectare, Singapore Botanic Gardens has many themed gardens, an amazing Orchid garden, Children’s play area, three lakes, performance stage, a museum (SBG Heritage Museum) and a café. A key attraction of the Singapore Botanic Gardens is the colourful National Orchid Garden, which is home to 1000 Orchid species and 2000 Orchid hybrids. This is the only part of the garden which has an entry fee; rest of the park is free for visitors. Mini gardens within Singapore Botanic Gardens include Evolution Garden, Ginger Garden, Rain Forest Garden, Tan Hoon Siang Misthouse, Bonsai Garden, Sun Garden, Healing Garden, Fragrant Garden, Foliage Garden and Trellis Garden. Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is the first Children’s garden in Asia. The Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage on Symphony Lake grabs attention. The Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Singapore Chinese Orchestra and others hold musical concerts on the stage with the audience sitting on the gentle slopes of Palm Valley. The three lakes in Singapore Botanic Gardens are Swan Lake, Eco-Lake, and Symphony Lake. The Learning Forest and Marshland are the two new attractions at Singapore Botanical Gardens.


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