Rinjani Batterflay in senaru Accommodation

Discovery An awesome place to stay before hike mount rinjani. in morning time after breakfast we saw srounded accommodation lot of flowers garden with more than hundred type of butterfly is first time in my life to have this.
The butterfly had wedding in morning time on the flowers they love it in senaru from of my room where I stayed and the trek Organizer providing for us.
The beautiful butterfly weddings on the grasses at front of the room.

Many thank to Lhuna Adventure had provided us a great accommodation in senaru before trekking. He provide us lovely place, comfortable and nice garden and awesome in morning the butterfly will come to the gardens at front of room. Actually we just see the butterfly on movies but this time we saw real and taking picture of them is very impressive me. 

We don’t know much about butterfly but we love it so much. But it’s harder to take them picture need to be patients and extra be careful and must be silent.
This is simple accommodation near traditional village and close to waterfalls sindang Gile and tiu klep waterfall in senaru, this place was so lonely and freshly air.
Sindang Gile waterfalls is an impressive waterfalls you might to see and able to do before trekking to mount rinjani if you reach early in senaru.
One of the most impressive you will saw in North lombok senaru villages this is massively waterfalls and nice challenge when we crossing the rivers.

Lhuna Adventure team has great team at day one before hiking the greeting very friendly and provide welcome drink, after rest 30 minutes than the waterfalls guide from lhuna Adventure has ready to guided us to waterfalls sindang gile and tiu kelep waterfalls.  We highly recommended for mountain lover or who reading our articles if you want to hiking to mount rinjani you can booked your trip with Lhuna Adventure Rinjani Trekking Company and you will get free to waterfalls sindang gile and traditional villages.


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